Monday, July 20, 2009


Hi and welcome to our blog! My name is Judy and I am the mother of Melissa Backus who owns and operates "Seasons of the Heart 2nd Generation"
Let me 1st tell you some history of this wonderful craft shop! We are located in East Liverpool, Ohio. We are known as the tri-state area meaning we are only minutes from Pa. and WVa. 'Seasons' has been in buisness since 1993. We were 1st located on Pennsylvania Ave. here in East Liverpool. I 1st opened the buisness in an old building that once was a drug store many years ago, Marty's Pharmacy. I was borned and raised right behind this store and can remember being lifted onto the counter to have a bandaid put on one of my boo-boos.
Shortly after the shop opened I became sick and had to turn the ownership over to my sister, Joyce. Soon we grew out of the small location and Joyce then decided it was time to move to a bigger and more busier area. There she built a very successful buisness with a very large cliental. Joyce had over 30 crafters in the shop. She always carried 98% handmade items from the areas finest artisans. She would never carry anything that one of her crafters could make. See this was a juried shop. Joyce always picked quality crafters that offered great prices.
Joyce herself provided the shop with her wonderful handmade items as well as her absolutely top of the line heavily scented tarts. They are so popular that customers order large amounts at a time. It always warmed my heart to hear a customer remark "how they are better than Yankee and any other tarts out there"! If you are ever in this area they are a must have! Orange/clove is our #1 scent but she offers a wide variety of wonderful scents. She just introduced her new primitive tarts this year. MM GOOD!
After 15 successful years in buisness Joyce decided it was time for her to retire from the buisness world. It was at that time she sold the buisness to my daughter Melissa. Joyce gave Melissa the idea of adding "2nd Generation" to the name. Along with the name she also relocated the buisness to 49190 Calcutta Smithsferry Road again right here In East Liverpool, Ohio. She opened in October of 2008 and has been going strong since then! Along with the main floor area the shop now has a loft area. Melissa is always changing things around in the shop. The customers love it and are always commenting how great everything looks and how we always have something new to offer. I'm very proud of our daughter. She is a very successful buisness woman and the customers love her!


  1. Hey Judy!! Wish I lived close to you so I could visit your and Melissa's shop. I sent you an email. Thanks for all my wonderful goodies!!! Love it all!!!

  2. I sure wish you did too!! You SPOILED me with my goodies! Thanks for swapping with me!!!!
    Many Blessings~Judy