Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another blessings for 'Seasons'

Good Sunday Morning!
'This is the day the Lord hath made so be glad and rejoice in it'! I've always loved this scripture!!
And rejoicing we are! Many blessings we have received since opening the shop. And this open house was blessed as well!Praise God!!!
Shoppers were lined up outside waiting to get in to see what Melissa had new. Once she opened the door shoppers were scurrying to find what was new! Our outside was packed as you can see in the pictures as well with wonderful items for the outdoors. Some had items in hand making their way to the counter to sit them while they shopped for more treasures. I love sitting back and listening to all the compliments Melissa recieves from her customers. She has a real knack for setting the shop and making it look so interesting. Kenny & I are both so very proud of her!! Her customers also love her one on one help she offers for picking the just perfect item for their home or gift! We have had customers come in that she has helped decorate their entire home. Our layaway we offer is a plus for people who are redecorating becasue if there is something you see you like you better get it then or lay it away. Nothing stands still in the shop for very long!
Now if you are ever in our neck of the woods make sure you stop by so you can see first hand all the goodies Melissa has to offer. Make sure you mention the blog!
A BIG thank-you to all of the customers who help make 'Seasons' a huge success!Have a blessed Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!

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